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Geoff from geoffmobile.com explains how Trains / Rail Transport is more energy efficient and less polluting than car / truck transport.

Tell BC Premier Christy Clark she should be investing more in our train and rail system instead of building new bridges for cars and trucks.

fascinating and constructive article on Green Investing. invest in Rail!

Also see:
www.sciencefriday.com/segment/07/13/2012/the-nuts-and-bolts-of-high-speed-rail.html Last few minutes (after 10:00 talks about the differences)

From Alex Z:

In Europe, passenger rail is doing well and is run efficiently, in North America, passenger rail is done inefficiently.

Most of North America’s passenger travel is inefficient – buses are infrequent, Via Rail is cutting service, air travel has delays.

Passenger rail seems to focus on the more crowded corridors such as the east coast routes.

However, in North America, rail is very efficient for hauling goods, while in Europe, they don’t have the super long trains like we do, and the intermodal containers which make our rail-truck-ship transfer efficient doesn’t work well on smaller european streets.

What we do see in North America is the erosion of ‘the last mile’ on rail networks: ie, Annacis Island used to have railway coverage across the whole island, now that network has been truncated, and rail only covers a small section of that island. A lot of industrial parks are truck oriented now.

For small items, Fedex and UPS provide better door to door service than a shippng dock – truck – rail- truck – dock type of system.

I think this subject is very interesting considering how much investment is being made for vehicular bridges and crossing but the rail system in BC is being neglected?

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