What is User Generated Content? Looking into the future of new media. by Geoff Peters

Geoff Peters from geoffmobile.com talks about the media revolution led by Youtube and user generated content, how media is changing from a “few to many” broadcast model to a “many to many” Internet model.

Also discussed:
-Why User Generated Content is important
-Discussion about the blurring of the line between amateur content creators and professionals.
-Technology allows amateurs with little or no budget to create work with similar production values to professional, expensive productions.
-There will still be a role for “professional” content – e.g. professional sports will always have a bigger mass appeal than minor league
-Increase in Spinoffs by amateurs around/surrounding professional content (e.g. Canucks fan music videos)

-Benefits of user generated content:
-Not motivated by commercial viability
-More narrowly focused on interest rather than commercial success
-Smaller, more genuine audience

Problems with user generated content:
-“schoolyard bullying” on Youtube – freedom to comment anonymously also leads to nasty personal attacks, come with the territory of having the freedom (e.g. South Korea does not allow anonymous commenting).
-freedom of speech is not universal, some countries block access to Youtube
-How can content creators make money, make a living? Does everyone need a “day job”?

Thanks very much!
This speech was recorded at the Best Run Toastmasters Club in Yaletown (SAP Office) on June 2nd 2011. Thanks very much to SAP and the Best Run Executive for supporting our club. www.sap.com

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