Urban rats

Ok so the question is, what do you think about urban rats? Like rats in houses, rats outside on the street, that kind of rat. Hahaha. Well, do you like them, or you don’t like them? You said that when you are biking, you like them, but… well because they’re on my way, say hello to me, and I say hello to them. It … for both of us, and you know, I’m happy to see them, right. But you don’t like the rats in the house. A rat in the house or a mouse in the house, you know, this is my territory. If you have an invitation that’s perfectly fine, but you know if there is no invitation, it doesn’t even knock on the door, no it doesn’t knock on the door, and it doesn’t respect the hours when I sleep… yeah, eats your plants… eats my begonia. That’s you know, inconsiderate. Yeah. So we should say, rats should be more considerate. Yes. Ok thank you very much, that’s the next edition – for all rats out there be considerate – ok that’s the next edition of Geoff Mobile. Thank you very much. Hope you enjoy your Korean food there.

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