The Refrigerator Conspiracy – speech by Geoff Peters to Vancouver Toastmasters Club 59

Geoff from gives a speech to Vancouver Toastmasters Club 59.

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Speech notes:

The Refrigerator Conspiracy


I am proud to live in a home in Vancouver which came with a Stainless Steel Whirlpool Gold refrigerator .

However I have some bad news about our Refrigerator.

The Bad News

Symptoms: Leaking water, temperature too high, water on food, spoiled vegetables, temperature is too high.

Why it is Happening

Freezer has a drain system for the auto defrost.

Reason for the symptoms: Auto defrost ice clogs the back of the freezer and the drain hole. Water leaks down into fridge and ice clogs the air vents

But there is Good News: It can be fixed.

Good news: Found a video on Youtube which explains the solution.

-Defrost ice with Hair Dryer

-Pour boiling water down drain hole to unclog it

-Install copper wire from heating element down the drain hole so it does not clog.


The bad news is that my expensive fridge, and thousands like it, have this defect / problem.

The good news is that I am now able to fix this problem. If your fridge has the same problem, let me know and I can fix it! I am also making a youtube video that explains the solution.

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