Synth in the house photo behind the scenes Oct 2011

Synth in the House

A behind the scenes look at my recent photography session. Concept still life of a Roland JX-305 synth and a Japanese stuffed animal bird.

Photo details:

Concept photo for Intermediate Photography class at Langara College in Vancouver BC Canada, October 2011.

Taken with available light (no flash). Silver reflector was used to bounce light onto synthesizer. Tripod, long exposure, timer, and mirror lockup were used. Grey card used to set manual white balance and get initial exposure. Some exposure bracketing and in-camera-histogram/blinking highlights on camera were used to find the final exposures.

No post-processing beyond a simple RAW conversion to Jpeg was done; this is all done in-camera.
Used Adobe RGB Color Space.

Suggested music to go with this photo:

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