Synth jam and practice – Dec 23rd 2011 – by geoffmobile

Geoff from does a 30 minute improv / practice / performance on his Korg MS-2000B synthesizer.

Geoff (me) is still a beginner at synthesizer but I think that I discovered some pretty cool sounds, textures, melodies, and harmonies. My musical background is originally from Classical Piano, and then I studied jazz piano for several years. Exploring the possibilities of the synthesizer is really amazing for me – I am discovering so many amazing sounds and new ways to express my musical ideas through this fantastic instrument.

For other music from me, check out the following playlist with my other synth jams:

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I also have another channel dedicated to my jazz music:

At the end of this synth jam video, watch me learn the song “What Child is This” from memory (by ear) – showing the learning process for me, including how I deal with the mistakes and train my mind to learn the song in a matter of a few minutes. Maybe I’ll make another video with just this song for the New Year! (Check back soon :D)

Technical notes:
Both cameras are Canon EOS Rebel T2i (550D), both using the kit lens 18-55mm IS (with IS disabled, as the tripods are being used). Technicolor Cinestyle Picture style, Magic Lantern Unified. Edited with Adobe Premiere CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7, 16gb ram, and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow). The total rendering time for this video was around 6.5 hours due to the length of the material, and the color correction rendering (RGB Curves in Premiere) applied to both videos.

Audio was recorded in stereo from the synth into a Motu 8-pre (Firewire) hooked up to an old White Macbook running Logic. No mastering, EQ, or compression was done to the audio (it is right off the synth!). I hope my old macbook keeps running for a while since I am not sure if the great Motu interface will work with a PC (it requires a specific Texas Instruments Firewire chip on the computer which is hard to find nowadays).

Thanks and see you next time!


A Birds in the House Production.

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