Sushi Town in Burnaby BC Canada (November 2010 update) – in full HD 1080p

Sushi Town
My favorite Japanese restaurant of all time!
5935 Hastings Street in Burnaby, BC, Canada
a suburb of Vancouver BC Canada.

Pictured in video:
-interior of restaurant (Japanese sushi chefs at work)
-Japanese restaurant table setting
-Chirashi Don (bowl of seasoned rice topped with fresh sashimi seafood)
-Avocado Roll (very good!)
-Tako sunomono (a cold vermicelli noodle salad served in a sweet vinegary broth, served with octopus)
-Spicy tuna sashimi (it’s a very large portion and very delicious)

Background Music: Pastafarian Beat by Geoff Peters

Camera and editing: Geoff Peters

Produced by

and Birds in the House Productions

Filmed with a Canon EOS Rebel T2i in full 1080p High Definition (HD) and edited with Final Cut Pro.

Thanks for watching!

Sushi Town (Burnaby) on Urbanspoon

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