Rangoli Restaurant in Vancouver – amazing Indian food (low light video)

Super yum!!

Vij’s Rangoli Restaurant in Vancouver
1488 West 11th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Spectacular Indian food with excellent flavors.

Note about Chai: For someone who is not used to having caffeine like me, I don’t recommend drinking Chai for dinner if you would like to sleep that night :), and especially think twice about drinking a second cup when offered, no matter how delicious! The Chai at Rangoli was so delicious that I couldn’t resist. :) However if you are used to drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, or soft drinks, you should be fine with a cup of Chai for sure :)

Filmed on Google Nexus 5 using lgcamera app. Very low light so the quality of the video is quite noisy. :)

Vij's Rangoli on Urbanspoon

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