Pete Schouten and Braden Douglas – co-owners of Hardbite Potato Chips – Food Talks Vancouver Vol 4

Hear Pete Schouten and Braden Douglas, co-owners of Hardbite Potato Chips, talk about their business inspiration and passion.

Speaker bios below are courtesy of Vancouver Foodster and :

Pete Schouten has been in the farming industry for as long as he can remember. Born in Cloverdale, BC, Pete grew up surrounded by the province’s natural beauty and a local culture focused on clean living through healthy lifestyle choices. In 1993, Pete saw an opportunity to invest into Heppell’s Potato Corp. With years of experience under his belt, he developed a plan for the company. After presenting it to the bank and the Heppell family, his passion won them all over, which eventually lead to the third generation farming family to transfer half of the company into Pete’s care.

Pete’s future plans for Heppell’s Farms and Hardbite will take the companies to a national level. He plans to have a nationwide presence that will provide local produce and goods everywhere. His dream is to have a farm in each province with national marketing as well as purchasing power, creating a unique and efficient value chain from the field to the customer, developing a knowledge network of information to connect the customers to the growers.

We’re not only farmers, we’re artists, scientists and big time outdoor enthusiasts. As fourth generation potato farmers, we know it takes more than just potatoes to produce the perfect chip. That’s why our homegrown potatoes are just one element of the Hardbite Chip formula. Our passion for quality, innovation and using only the most wholesome, natural ingredients is our recipe for creating chips you’ll not only enjoy, but chips you’ll feel good about eating.

Braden Douglas

Braden Douglas is a seasoned marketer who has fused a service-focused approach with strategic creative thinking to form the backbone of Relevention Marketing Inc. — an innovative full service, results-based marketing agency located in the Lower Mainland’s city in the country; Abbotsford, BC.

Hailing from the small town of Fonthill, Ontario (just 20-minutes outside of Niagara Falls), Braden attended Wilfred Laurier University where he received a degree in Business and Economics. It was during his time at university that Braden discovered his natural intuitions and passion for marketing, leading him to become the youngest person hired in the marketing departments at both Procter and Gamble and Frito Lay. In 2004, after enriching stints at these two brand giants, Braden’s personal faith and vision to revolutionize non-profit marketing inspired him to found the Marketing and Communications department at one of Canada’s most recognized non-profit ministries, Power to Change, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada.

In 2007, prompted by a desire to enable companies and organizations to achieve unprecedented growth, Braden resigned from his position as director of Marketing and Communications at Power to Change to follow a dream. In September 2007, Relevention Marketing Inc., a company dedicated to providing strategic marketing plans, creative solutions and practical advice to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations, opened its doors for business.

Food Talks is an evening of expert speakers from the Vancouver Food community.

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Food Talks Volume 4 was held in Vancouver BC Canada on October 23rd 2012.

Presented by Richard Wolak,

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Videography by Geoff Peters of Birds in the House Productions

Filmed at the Vancouver Urban Winery, 55 Dunlevy Avenue, Vancouver BC Canada

Closing music by Laundryman used with permission.

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