Introvert vs Extrovert – does personality type matter? by

Geoff from talks about the personality types of Extravert and Introvert, and his thoughts on how people should be able to change their personality traits and learn new skills.

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2 thoughts on “Introvert vs Extrovert – does personality type matter? by

  1. Geoff Peters Post author

    @Michael Thank you for your interesting comment. :) I agree, I think TV can be overdone if it becomes a substitute for family or friend interactions. For sure, I think I go in waves, some days I feel like being more introverted, and other days I feel more extroverted for sure!!

    have a great day!! :)

  2. Michael Beutler

    Hi Geoff, just watched this and thought i’d share a few thoughts.

    I think watching tv can help you be more extraverted. However, i believe if you watch too much tv, it can have the opposite affect. It can make you more uncomfortable when talking to people, cuz you have been doing it less. Because you have spent more time by yourself, and not communicating to others. If you live in a family household for instance and you watch lots of tv together, you could find yourself in a bit of a toxic environment. Meaning, you and your spouse, or children, could get used to being in front of a tv or computer screen for that matter, and not communicating in the real world hardly at all. I like to call watching tv, my favorite “inactivity”. So, as long as you don’t overdo it, I think it could help. But like everything else. Moderation. Looking at myself I would have to say that I am more of an introvert. Probably along the scales of 70-30. I really enjoy being more extravert every single day, but in limited bursts, if that makes sense. Too much time alone, and I crave human or pet interaction more which you would think most people do. Any thoughts on someone being a “seasonal extravert” or “introvert”? Where depending on the weather and/or temperature they become more one way than the other for that time period?
    Thanks for reading this.

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