How will 2021 be different from 2020? – my optimism for the future and how we will solve problems!

Geoff from shares a short Table Topics Impromptu Speech at Best Run Toastmasters Club in Vancouver on the topic of “Are you looking forward to 2021 starting?”

Geoff shares his feeling of optimism that we can work together to solve the world’s problems, in particular the ability to fight the coronavirus pandemic through innovative Vaccine technology, as well as the changing political landscape that will hopefully lead to improvements in everyone’s lives. He also mentions how his employer SAP is helping in that regard, being part of the supply chain technology for the Moderna vaccine distribution around the world.

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This was an impromptu question asked as part of the Table Topics section of the Best Run Toastmasters meeting held on January 13th 2021 in Vancouver BC Canada (held virtually over Zoom).

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