How to fix The File has No Audio or Video Streams error in Premiere with Gear 360 Actiondirector

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to fix “The File has No Audio or Video Streams” error in Premiere when importing a 360 video recorded on the Samsung Gear 360 from the latest version of Gear 360 ActionDirector 2017. (ActionDirector OEM version is 2.0.1619.0, and I’m using Adobe Premiere CS5.5 in this tutorial).

Example process.bat:

ffmpeg -i 360_0362_Stitch_YHC.MP4 -c:v copy -c:a copy 360_0362_Stitch_YHC_fixed.MP4

Hope this helps!
Here is my other tutorial on how to Edit 360 videos from the Gear 360 in Adobe Premiere using ActionDirector:

Here is my other tutorial on how to edit 360 videos in Adobe Premiere with Ambisonic sound from the Zoom H2n:

As I made this video in 10 minutes, I didn’t have time to record the audio properly, sorry! I just wanted to share it with people as soon as possible.

Thanks for watching,

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