How to Fix Audio Dropouts in Premiere after 5 seconds of playing in timeline

I had the issue in Adobe Premiere 2020 where my audio would stop playing or drop out when playing and editing my video in Adobe Premiere when editing a 5.7k video with external audio tracks. The audio would drop out after 5 seconds, even with increasing the audio buffer size. It seems to be a combination of using a very high res video file with an accompanying reference audio track, synced to an external recorder’s audio file, when you mute the reference audio. The muted audio still causes the dropout to occur. The solution to this problem is to alt-click the reference audio (the audio track from the camera) and disable it by pressing SHIFT + E. This is necessary to do even if the track is muted.

Solution is below:
” Rendering or previewing timelines resulted in image without audio during playback. I lost audio after 2-3 sec. of playback. Couldn’t find any solution, but discovered that my muted track caused some problems. By disabling the muted track all other audio played normal during preview. So Alt+Click the muted audio track (if any) to select it/them, then Shift+E to disable your track(s). Then hopefully preview audio without any more issues.”


My specs:
Intel i7
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super
Realtek sound card (integrated)
Seagate SSD
Adobe Premiere 2020 Creative Cloud
Video size: 5.7k (from Vuze XR)

Hope this helps.

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