How to buy a Vuze XR Camera in Canada

Here is the purchase link for Vuze XR Camera on BH Photo Video Website (not a referral link):

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I found that the most affordable way to purchase a Vuze XR Camera in Canada is through the retailer BH Photo Video in the USA. This New York based retailer regularly ships products to Canada and the shipping, taxes, and duty is all taken care of when you purchase through them.

My Vuze XR arrived promptly and there was no hassle with Canada Customs. It was new, shrinkwrapped in the original box, and the cashier’s receipt was also included from the BH Photo Video New York store.

On Black Friday 2020, the Vuze XR was discounted to $299 USD which was an amazing deal, and I fortunately picked it up at that price. The normal price as of January 2021 is $399 USD.

You can check the Vuze XR Facebook group for any upcoming deals:

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy your Vuze XR Camera in Canada.

Feel free to check out my website at or my Youtube channel at for some example videos shot using the Vuze XR Camera in Vancouver BC Canada.

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Geoff Peters

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