Geoff Peters: Why do you enjoy interviewing people?

Hello. Hello. My question for you is, why do you enjoy interviewing people? Well, I enjoy interviewing people because the interviews that I’m doing, it’s going to be going up on Geoff Mobile which is the new mobile video blogging, and it allows me to basically find some interesting stories about the community or an interesting social issue, or the arts, or any topic of interest to people in Vancouver, and have it posted online in a way that anyone can access by going to, and I think this is a really cool thing that with a hundred dollar cell phone and a ten dollar data plan, I can now become like a little reporter, so to speak, doing my own interviews and creating my own news content. So that’s kind of why, thanks. Wow, thank you very much. What do you think is the best strategy for getting people to give the best content in an interview? Well I just started doing this project and I’ve only done maybe three interviews, so I don’t really quite know exactly, but you know, maybe making the person feel comfortable and not putting too much pressure on them to put them in a tough question. Just letting them talk about something they enjoy or like maybe is a good idea. Great! Thank you very much. You’re welcome. Have a good day. Thanks, you too.

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