Debra Amrein Boyes of The Farm House Natural Cheeses Ltd – Food Talks Vancouver Volume 2

An evening of expert speakers from the Vancouver Food community.

Held in Burnaby BC Canada on July 10th 2012.

Presented by Richard Wolak,

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“Debra Amrein-Boyes and her husband, founded The Farm House Natural Cheeses Ltd in 2003 in the Fraser Valley, producing authentic artisan cheeses from the milk of the farm’s cows and goats. The focus of the cheesemaking is on traditional methods, producing a diverse selection of handmade cheeses from the freshest and highest quality milk.”

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“After attending university Debra spent several years working and traveling until settling in the Swiss Alps, where she was first introduced to cheesemaking. Debra returned to Canada in 1991, and in 2009 Debra was honoured to have been selected for membership in the prestigious French Guilde de Fromagers Confrerie de St. Uguzon, in recognition of her effort to guard and preserve the traditions of cheesemaking around the world. Debra believes that the traditions and values represented by the small family farm are worth preserving, and that good locally produced food helps build healthy lives and communities.”

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Videography by Geoff Peters of Birds in the House Productions

Closing music by Laundryman used with permission.

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