100 Nights Restaurant in Vancouver BC Canada (Yaletown)


One Hundred Nights / 100 Nights
350 Davie Street
Vancouver BC Canada
phone: 604-642-0557

We were treated to the amazing food at 100 Nights Restaurant, part of the Opus Hotel in Vancouver. Our friendly server Daryl recommended the tasting menu, which included a choice of an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert, all for a reasonable price. The food was really outstanding! It was artistically and beautifully presented and the taste was fabulous as well. In this video I show:
-appetizer of Gnocchi and Salmon
-main course of Cod and Bouillabaisse.
-Dessert of Apple Tart and ice cream.
-lots of mmmm!!

This restaurant is part of the SAP Food Program, where SAP Vancouver employees are treated to meals in Yaletown nearby the office. A great perk of working at SAP in Vancouver!

Thanks a lot to the restaurant for the amazing food. This restaurant is easy to get to, it’s located in Vancouver Downtown, in the Yaletown neighborhood, really close to the Yaletown Canada Line skytrain station, and is within a short cab ride from any downtown hotel.

See you next time!
This has been another appetizing “mmm” video from Geoffmobile.com

(filmed on a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V in 1080i).

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