A Different Beat [HQ] – short film by Geoff Peters

Two strangers at a bus stop have a notable musical encounter.

Doug Toljanich
Laura Jean

Written, Directed and Edited by
Geoff Peters

Produced by
Hon Leung
Logan Rudrum
Geoff Peters

Director of Photography
Hon Leung

Assistant Directors
Logan Rudrum
Ronan Quinlan

Music by
Logan Rudrum (electronic)
Joan Hansen (flutes)

Sound and Mixing
Geoff Peters

Still Photographer
Logan Rudrum

Story by
Gustavo Lacerda
and Geoff Peters

(c) 2010 – Filmed in Vancouver BC Canada.
This version was re-rendered using Adobe Premiere CS5.5.

A Birds in the House Production

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1 thought on “A Different Beat [HQ] – short film by Geoff Peters

  1. Dianna Faye Filippelli

    Very innovative blog Geoff. I didn’t realize that you were an acclaimed playwright and a synthesizer musician. Your artistic ambitions have certainly evolved since our piano duet days! I enjoy being enlightened about your journey.

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