The making of “An Electronic World 1” (song) – Geoff Peters Nov 16th 2011

A live studio session with Geoff Peters, documenting the entire process of composing and recording his song “An Electronic World 1”.

The full song is played at end of this video at time: 23:39

Free Mp3 download of the finished track (right click the link below and choose Save)

Technical notes:
-Synth: Korg MS2000B
-Motu 8-Pre
-Logic Pro (Used Low cut filter and volume envelopes).
Cameras: Room: Canon EOS T2i with Magic Lantern, Kodachrome Picture Style from
Closeups: Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V
Edited with Adobe Premiere CS5.5 on a PC (Windows 7 Dell).

Thanks for watching!!

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