What’s it like being Raw Vegan in Vancouver?

Visit Marcus’s website about raw veganism at Eat Raw Vegan. Marcus blogged about this interview here.

How’s it going? Ah so, what is it like being a raw vegan in Vancouver? It’s terrific. Especially over the past year, the raw food community in Vancouver has really started growing and expanding and there’s a lot of interest. We have a few really neat eating spots. We have Gorilla Food downtown on Richards Street and then we have Organic Lives on Quebec street, and then there’s also Eternal Abundance in the Truffles Cafe on Commercial drive, and there’s a few other places where you can get some raw food. We also have a very active meetup group, so there’s usually a raw potluck multiple times a month. Everything is positive and more and more people every single week seem to be interested in this – so it’s really good and I’m glad I stumbled on this way of living, it’s really revolutionized my life. Great! And you can go to Marcus’s website eatrawvegan.com for more information, and that’s the next edition of GeoffMobile. Thanks very much.

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