Vlog Nov 26th from Geoffmobile

Geoff talks about his day.

-Hi good morning.
-Having a little rest, had to wake up early.
-Comfortable bed.
-Here’s an update!
-I’ve renovated my social media! My twitter has a new background image twitter.com/gpeters and my facebook has a new image facebook.com/geoff.peters
-I went to West Vancouver to play the Steinway Piano for 3 hours, it was fun!
-Interesting videos on Youtube (thanks woggyflush!). www.youtube.com/woggyflush
-Recipe for Mango Clafoutis will be posted soon! at geoffmobile.com
-Joke about a dancer that I told last night at a party
-Remembering and celebrating the wonderful life of my grandfather, Martin Jake Peters.
-Advice about spending time with family because life is short!
-Thanks very much, have a great day!

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