Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver

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Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant (All you can eat Sushi)
1128 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, Canada
phone: 604-677-0426

Great all you can eat sushi buffet from this popular Japanese Sushi restaurant on West Broadway in Vancouver BC Canada.

Shown in video:
-Restaurant interior with people dining
-Miso soup
-Ebi sunomono salad
-Plate of sushi rolls (very tasty)
-Salmon nigiri sushi and some other nigiri sushi pieces (tamago, masago, tuna).
-Putting wasabi into the soy sauce
-Tasting the salmon nigiri sushi
-Thanks very much!!

This has been another tasty “mmm” video about great restaurants in Vancouver BC Canada, from geoffmobile.com

See you next time!

Technical notes:
-Canon EOS Rebel T2i 550d with Canon EF 18-200mm IS
-Magic lantern firmware using manual audio gain / metering.
-Ektachrome picture style from cinema5d.com
-Final Cut Pro 7

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