Todo lists and time management tips from Geoffmobile

Geoff Peters from Vancouver BC Canada talks about his system for organizing his activities outside work, achieving his personal goals, and getting things done.

Geoff’s blog

Toodledo web site that Geoff uses:

Getting Things Done (GTD):

Technical notes:
Recorded on a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V.

A vignette and color correction were applied in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.

Audio was recorded from a Lapel mic directly into Audacity via the mic-in port on my Dell Windows PC running Windows 7 (Intel i7 processor and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow). The audio was adjusted using the Compressor and Hard Limiter tools in Audacity, and synchronized with the video using the software Pluraleyes by Singular Software.

Due to the vignette, RGB Curves, and Fast color corrector, this video took 4 hours to render (normally a video of this length would take 20 minutes or less to render).

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2 thoughts on “Todo lists and time management tips from Geoffmobile

  1. GG

    Dear Geoff,

    You have convinced me that Toodledo could be the right tool for me. I am already using Wunderlist2, but I am not sure about the better things in Toodledo. Is it possible to send me a screenshot of your tasks in Toodledo (or publish it!). So I can see how you can order al them many things you, obviously, want to do.



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