This Christmas – piano and vocals by Geoff Peters – live performance

Geoff from performs the song “This Christmas” on piano and vocals.

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This Christmas was written in 1970 by Donny Hathaway (as “Donny Pitts”) and Nadine Theresa McKinnor.

Many thanks to my vocal teacher, Spencer Welch Vocal Studio, for your inspiration and support: Also a big thank you to Mark Downey Vocal Studio as well for the amazing instruction in my first two years of beginner singing.

I am extremely excited about performing this song today in front of the other students and teachers from Spencer Welch Vocal Studio. This was my first ever live performance of singing in front of a group! I am looking forward to continuing my journey in learning how to sing.

Thanks for watching and I look forward to chatting with you all soon.
Yours in music and love,
Geoff Peters

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