Sustainability in our Food System Q&A – Food Talks Vancouver Volume 9

Food Talks Vancouver Volume 9
Theme: Sustainability in our Food System.
— What does local mean?
— How much do you want to tell your customer about sustainability issues?
— Protecting the farmland
— Quality, taste & local
— Politics at play

This evening was organized by Richard Wolak, Vancouver Foodster.

Speakers shown in this video are (from left to right):

Felix Schellenberg (Owner of Chilcotin Harvest and Pasture to Plate)
Peter Ladner (Former City Councillor, Author of The Urban Food Revolution)
Susan Davidson (Glorious Organics Co-op)
Andrea Carlson (Chef and Owner Burdock & Co Restaurant and Harvest Community Foods)
Jenice Yu (Owner of Fresh Ideas Start Here Market Ltd. [F.I.S.H. Market])

Food Talks is an evening of expert speakers from the Vancouver Food community.

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Food Talks Volume 9 was held in Vancouver BC Canada on September 24th 2013.

Presented by Richard Wolak,

As featured on
Presented by and

Videography by Geoff Peters of Birds in the House Productions

Filmed at the Lost and Found Cafe 33 W Hastings St, Vancouver BC Canada

Closing music by Laundryman used with permission.

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