Steadicam Test – Hague MMC and Canon T2i

testing out the Hague MMC Mini Motion Cam with the Canon 550d T2i and the kit lens 18-55mm. This lens is small and light so the total weight of the camera is less than 800g.

Focusing is not possible while moving so you’ll need to use a small aperture. I also had to remove the strap from the camera. For the first test outdoors I used the Minimum aperture of the lens so everything is in focus. It was very bright sunlight – I even had it set to ISO 100.

The second test going down the stairs is a bit shaky – I was still learning how to control the rotation.

The third test inside an apartment I had better control but there wasn’t very much light so the aperture had to be much larger (therefore less is in focus). When following or leading an actor, it would be important to calculate the depth of field exactly and keep the right distance from the subject. For the third test I had the camera set on Auto ISO so it would be able to keep the picture properly exposed when moving between rooms.

This is really awesome – just 10 years ago this kind of quality was only possible with a steadicam costing tens of thousands of dollars.

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