Simplify, simplify, simplify! A great design principle – vlog by

Geoff from talks about one really important goal of the Design process: to simplify and uncomplicate an existing workflow or process.

When designing anything, think about asking the questions:
-is this design making something simpler? How many steps did it use to take, and how many does it now?
-Is the process being designed accomplishing something useful?
-Did the process use to require specialized knowledge to perform? Does your new design make it easy to understand for people without specialized knowledge?

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Technical notes:

Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V with manual white balance, recording in 60p 1080p.

Audio: Recorded on Zoom H1 with Sennheiser lapel mic, processed in Audacity. In Audacity, the following filters were used:
-Normalize with DC Offset removal
-W1 Limitier VST (Betabugs Gui)
-Chop and trim the track.

Video was edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. Color correction was done with RGB Curves and Fast Color Corrector. Audio was synced with video using Pluraleyes by Singular Software.

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