Ridge Gardens Restaurant in Vancouver – Great Cantonese-style Chinese food

Ridge Gardens Restaurant
3113 Arbutus Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 3Z3, Canada
(604) 736-5231

A great Chinese restaurant located in Vancouver BC Canada.

Some dishes pictured:
-Hot and spicy crab (so tasty!!)
-Steamed Rice
-House soup
-Buddah’s Feast
-Sizzling pork chop
-Crispy Skin Chicken (whole)
-Chopsticks and tea pots
-Chicken hot pot with Black Fungus and Tiger Lily
-Sauteed Gai Lan (Chinese Brocolli)
-Sweet and sour pork
-Mango Birthday Cake from Michelle’s Bakery in Vancouver.

thanks to my family for a great meal!!

Ridge Garden on Urbanspoon

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