Review of John Heffron’s Comedy show Vancouver Yuk Yuk’s March 13 2014

Geoff from gives a review of Comedian John Heffron’s comedy set.

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John Heffron is in concert at the Vancouver comedy club Yuk Yuk’s. This review is for John Heffron’s March 13th 2014 performance.

John Heffron is in Vancouver right now, his last performance for this visit to Vancouver is today, March 15th 2014, see this page for more details:

Check out the comedian John Heffron’s website here:

Please follow him on twitter at:

Check out Yuk Yuk’s website at:

Special concert series featuring winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, John Heffron!


Yuk Yuk’s comedy club in Vancouver
Jokes about family experience and age gap
Improv vs prepared material, very smooth
Seemed to be really enjoying himself
Audience loved it

Audience interaction
Psychology references
Good humor
Was in good taste, but still really funny
Great imitation of characters through language, accent, and body

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