Philips Norelco shaver best replacement for HQ8 Blades? – Use Philips SH30 blades instead of SH50!

Geoff from does a review of the Philips SH30 Blades that are a better replacement for the popular but discontinued HQ8 blades which are no longer available.

The SH50 blades have bad reviews but the SH30 blades are cheaper and have great reviews, and they are the perfect replacement for the HQ8 blades for Philips Norelco Electric Razors / Shavers or the Philips 3000 Series shavers or Philips 1000 Series Shavers.

Philips 3000 series
SH30 Replacement Head
replaces HQ8 head

Buy in SH30 blades in Canada from Canadian Tire:

Product page at Philips Canada (Canada site lists model as SH30/53):

Product page at Philips USA (USA site lists model as SH30/52):

Original review:

“SH30/52 better choice than SH50/52”

“My PT724 Norelco started with HQ8 blades and these SH50 are recommended to replace HQ8s. The second set of HQ8 I bought didn’t shave as well as the first and after reading the reviews here decided to find another x-reference for shaver blades. I found the SH30/52 also work in my razor and After shaving with them decided they are WAY better than even the HQ8. They are not lift & cut or any other specialty performance, they just cut the hairs, leave the skin. Full slotted screens (no holes and blank spaces) and double the number of cutters. shaving time is two minutes on two day growth not the 5+ minutes on HQ8s.”

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