My 2016 Virtual Reality equipment – I know VR vlog in 360

Geoff from shows his 2016 virtual reality equipment.

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-Zeiss VR One virtual reality headset (goggles), and cellphone tray
You can wear your glasses inside the Zeiss VR One headset.

I had the cellphone tray (for my headset) 3D printed at Shapeways

-Zeiss VR One is compatible with Google Cardboard, and Android Youtube app which has Google Cardboard support

-Google Nexus 5 Android phone (no longer available from Google, but used ones can still be found on Craigslist)

-Shure studio headphones SRH 440 (purchased from Tom Lee Music in Vancouver)

-OT Adapt Bluetooth headphones adapter—black—ot6001/L7273287.html

-Scott Small Goggles Case

-Small magnet from a hardware store

-Ricoh Theta S, 360 degree camera

Thanks for watching!!

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