How To Relax – a speech by Geoff Peters – Toastmasters Club Contest March 3 2014

Geoff from gives a speech entitled “How to Relax” to Vancouver Toastmasters Club 59 as part of the 2014 International Speech and Evaluation Club Contest.

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Speech notes:

How to Relax, How to make Friends, How to seem relaxed

Story about the Media Event I went to
For Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag — Oprah Winfrey Network media launch of their show called
“They’re just people”, Cocktail party
Was staring, Trying really hard, Limited experience, Comes across as nervous, Awkward posture

Making friends, Seeming nervous, Casual relationships vs deep friendship
At parties and nightclubs, Who to talk to?

Developing new skills
I found that experience makes me more relaxed
How to get experience
It’s a catch-22:
If you seem awkward, people will avoid interacting with you, thus letting you have less chance to get experience talking with people
Toastmasters has been a way to break through that experience barrier, for both social life and professional life.
Public speaking
More comfortable in front of crowd than one-on-one
Need more practice — go to Postie Toasties, Toastmasters practice, Giving a speech

Also, the solution:
To relax the mind, must get experience and practice with the situation, and also relax the body:
Posture, Form, Relaxed body, Relaxed mind
Exercise, Yoga
Yoguy — men’s yoga
Story — walking into room
Flowing movements — power yoga, flow yoga, hatha yoga,
Yoga on TV

In summary:

Comfortable body, comfortable mind
Projecting good body language will make others more relaxed
People are more likely to want to chat with me in casual conversation
Fake it till you make it — act relaxed, and eventually you’ll be relaxed.
Massage — my massage therapist says my back is more relaxed
People have been talking to me more in the elevator
Maybe because we have a dog now too.
Body language is all that dogs communicate with
How to read body language
Don’t stare
Look away occasionally
Stand relaxed, don’t fidget
Acting class — if you are comfortable it will make other people feel comfortable
Advice to do yoga


To relax the mind:
Use a system of task management called Getting Things Done, by David Allen
Mind like water
Don’t need to worry about doing anything
Can focus entirely on task at hand

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