Climate change vs global warming, what’s the difference?

Hello. So the question is, what’s the difference between global warming and climate change? Are they the same thing? They’re related, and people used to think of it as global warming because the average temperature of the earth is actually warming and will continue to warm, but it’s as you’ve read in the news, Great Britain is experiencing extreme cold weather right now, so it’s more extremes of weather that come with climate change, rather than just a gradual imperceptible warming. So the main effect of the excess carbon dioxide in the air from our industrial processes and our modern life is climate change, not just a gradual warming. Warming’s part of it, but it’s the change in extremes that people experience. So some areas are getting colder, some areas are getting warmer. That’s right, yeah. Ok, thank you. Very good. That’s the next edition of Geoff Mobile.

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