Geoffmobile update, Sony HX7V Mini Review, Windows Live Movie Maker review

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Here’s what I’m excited about at the moment!
-Current musical projects, Rae K. on saxophone: new video now up on www.youtube.com/geoffpeterstrio
-Sony HX7V Mini review (pros: high resolution , low noise, good sound quality, good zoom. problems: lens flare, no manual exposure setting during video.)
-Latest videos: 400 km/h driving video, food videos, jokes
-Discussion on how small fast cameras are changing how I blog on Youtube.
-Windows Live Movie Maker mini review
-Color Grading – what is it?
-Lost in Translation (2003) – one of my favorite movies!
-Talking to camera in natural way (relaxing mouth, speech impediment)
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Recorded on Sony HX7V and edited in Windows Live Movie maker.

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