Fish, rice, and salad – dinner at home with friends in Vancouver Canada – Sony Rx100

Geoff from invites friends over and enjoys a delicious home-made meal.

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Some Ingredients for this meal were bought from Nesters Market in Vancouver.

Shown in video:
-Table with food and drinks
-Grilled salmon
-Other marinated fish
-Steamed zucchini and carrots vegetables (very healthy and tasty)
-A Curry Quinoa salad (this was from Save on Foods in Vancouver)
-Homemade Pilau rice made by
-MMM!! Very delicious!

Thanks a lot for watching!
Hope to see you back again soon on my channel.
Take care for now!

Technical notes:
Filmed on a Sony Cybershot RX100
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow)

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