Destroying a Chromebook in 360 degrees

This is a 360 Video! Move your phone/tablet to explore or drag the screen on a web browser :)
This was shot on a Ricoh Theta S, check them out at

In this video, which I filmed at a tech meetup in Vancouver, Matt destroys a working Chromebook by hitting it with a mallet and then submerging it in water, to demonstrate the power of cloud backup.

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Recorded at Vancouver Google Technology User Group GTUG

Geoff’s opinion:
I don’t think we should destroy a working piece of technology just to make a point or attract a crowd for an exciting demo. It is wasteful and this working computer could have been given to someone who doesn’t have a computer, instead of being destroyed. However, feel free to draw your own conclusions based on the video.

This was recorded on a Ricoh Theta S camera, which records in 360 degrees. It can be viewed using virtual reality headsets such as the Zeiss VR One.

Best viewed using Zeiss VR One, an amazing Virtual Reality headset that is compatible with Google Cardboard:

More info about Google Cardboard virtual reality:

360 Video filmed with Ricoh Theta S camera

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