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What’s it like being Raw Vegan in Vancouver?

Visit Marcus’s website about raw veganism at Eat Raw Vegan. Marcus blogged about this interview here. Transcript: How’s it going? Ah so, what is it like being a raw vegan in Vancouver? It’s terrific. Especially over the past year, the raw food community in Vancouver has really started growing and expanding and there’s a lot […]

Hon’s Chinese restaurant on Robson in downtown Vancouver

Transcript: So we’re at the Hon’s Restaurant on Robson Street, downtown Vancouver, and we just enjoyed a wonderful meal of potstickers and Chinese food. They have a kitchen back there, and it’s cafeteria style, and our bill came to a total of $41.29 for four people, very reasonable. That’s including tax but you still wanna […]

Community gardens in Vancouver

Transcript: Hello. Hi. Ok, so the question is, if you could change one thing about Vancouver, what would it be? Wow that’s a good question. I’d definitely create more spaces for community gardens. So because there is all this big promise of Vancouver becoming a super green city, but yet there’s been very little done […]