Community gardens in Vancouver

Hello. Hi. Ok, so the question is, if you could change one thing about Vancouver, what would it be? Wow that’s a good question. I’d definitely create more spaces for community gardens. So because there is all this big promise of Vancouver becoming a super green city, but yet there’s been very little done in the name of it. I think we have lots of green space that can be used to improve food security in Vancouver, yet we take that land bought by the city to pretty much put up condos or do things for the Olympics, but I really do wonder what’s going to happen after the Olympics. But there’s some really great movement going on around in my neighborhood, Mt. Pleasant, one on Knight and Broadway. That’s a really good example of what community gardens can be, as well as another one on 7th and St. Catherines. Oh yeah. And so I think there’s good movement moving towards that but we do need more people to get on board and get involved with community gardens and advocate for food grown in your neighborhood. Ok! Thank you very much. This is the next edition of Geoff Mobile. Have a good day. Hope you enjoy your Korean food there.

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