Bitcoin is Digital Gold – Thoughts on it becoming the world’s reserve currency and owning some today

Bitcoin is digital gold. It will become more significant to the world’s economy when it replaces the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Owning some bitcoin, even a little bit, is a good idea.

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Geoff’s thoughts as of August 7th 2021:

“I have become fascinated by bitcoin in the past month. From both the technology perspective as well as the social and economic perspective, it is very interesting. Having studied economics at an undergraduate level, a great deal of what bitcoin shows promise is to give people a way to preserve the value they generate through their labor over time, into the future. At the current moment, as governments are printing money like crazy, inflation is growing, and interest rates are at an all time low, there are not many accessible ways to prevent your earnings and savings from losing value. By having bitcoin as a potential store of value, it gives people a way to extend their time preference into the future and start thinking more long term in their decision making.”

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