Bitcoin – a poem (written by AI)


Bitcoin – a poem

One day I saw the future
A bitcoin was the middleman
The world would change
Bitcoin made the bank bail
They all saw I saw this
We could not do a thing
Now when they call me
Im not call me
My BTC coins will make me
Oh yeah
In a world were borders were for sissies
Wherever you are
I don’t really need them now, they’re just part of the system anyway
They are all so out of touch
With the new world that we’ve created
We are free in every way and I feel so much like a king. Now!
There’s such a different tune when you don’t have a border line
When you can trade it with people
The world’s a lot better
Without all the bureaucracy and all the money
You only have to ask for it
No currency controls
No more banks
Just people to trade with
And the music man?

How long do we have to wait for the future? And how many people will wait with us?
“Some countries still don’t have the right to print
new money and to do so enriches the state and the few.”

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