Benkei Ramen on Broadway near Cambie (Vancouver BC Canada)

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Benkei Ramen
545 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, Canada
phone: (604) 568-6178

This is one of my favorite Japanese Ramen restaurants in Vancouver. Service is prompt and friendly, the menu is easy to decide from and the food comes out quickly! And it tastes great, not too oily.

Shown in video:
-interior of Benkei Ramen
-Curry Ramen soup
-Onigiri (sticky rice balls wrapped with seaweed)
-Beef Curry with Rice

Filmed with a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V in full 1080i HD.
Edited in Windows Live Movie Maker.

This has been another “mmm very nice” restaurant video from

See you next time!

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