Authentic, by C. E. Gatchalian with sound design by Paolo Pietropaolo

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Synopsis courtesy of Neworld Theatre (thank you!):

“Two men–one from Vancouver, the other from New York–meet for a casual hook-up that evolves into a passionate, unconventional relationship that unfolds in two different cities over the course of eleven years. An evening stroll in starting near Richards and Robson and ending at Emery Barnes Park on Davie.”

From the PodPlays series by Neworld Theatre

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Release date: August 8, 2011
written by C.E. Gatchalian / sound design by Paolo Pietropaolo / featuring Bob Frazer and Marco Soriano

Videography by Geoff Peters geoffmobile.com
Filmed using a Sony RX100 Mk2 and a Hague MMC.

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