Rylee at the dog park – our cute doggie at the dog park at night

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A narrated slide show by Geoff from geoffmobile.com of an evening’s visit to the local dog park in downtown Vancouver BC Canada with his family’s dog Rylee.

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Filmed on a Google Nexus 5.

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Why I like Facebook. Good curation of my posts.

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com says why he likes Facebook.

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Easy Hard Boiled Eggs recipe by Geoffmobile – the best hard boiled egg recipe :)

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com shares his easy and excellent recipe for making hard boiled eggs.

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Hilah Cooking’s recipe (thank you!) :

“Cooking with Geoff” Method:
-For best results, use eggs that are aged slightly (best to have them sit in the fridge in the shell raw for a few days or up to a week before cooking). This will make them easier to peel as the membrane loosens.
-For best results, allow eggs to warm up to room temperature or (slightly warmer than when they were in the fridge) rather than putting them right from the fridge into the pot. I recommend letting them warm up at room temperature for about 10 minutes before cooking them.
-For egg yolks that are centered in the egg, put the egg carton upside-down while the eggs are warming up (in the previous step). This will make the egg yolks move more into the center of the eggs.

-Put eggs in a pot, fill the pot with water (lukewarm or cold from the tap), so that the eggs are completely covered with water.
-Put a lid on the pot and put them on the stove on High heat.
-Wait until the eggs / water come to a rapid boil, and then turn the stove completely off. Leave the lid on the pot and let them cook in their own heat for exactly 10 minutes.
-After 10 minutes, empty the water from the pot, and fill the pot with cold water. Add lots of ice cubes and make sure the eggs become cool quickly.
-After the eggs have been submerged in their ice bath for a few minutes, transfer them to a bowl and put them in the fridge (or go ahead and eat one).
-To eat the hard-boiled eggs, crack the shell on a hard surface and peel off the shell carefully with your fingers. Make sure to remove all the shell. Sprinkle with seasonings of your choice such as black pepper, Mrs Dash, or salt.

For better quality protein, and to be nicer to the animals, I recommend using Free Range / Free Run / Cage Free Organic eggs. Be nice to chickens and do not use eggs which come from non-free-range factories. The quality of the eggs is better when the chickens have a nice life.

Bonus idea: Once you make the hard boiled eggs as described above, you could then make “Deviled eggs” (search recipe on Youtube) if you would like to go fancy or are serving guests for lunch.

Bonus idea: On a workout day, before going to the gym, try eating one or two hard boiled eggs with a handful of unsalted nuts such as walnuts, cashews, pistacios, etc (avoid peanuts because they are poor quality protein). It will provide you fuel for your workout!!

Hope you enjoy!!

Video filmed with a Google Nexus 5 and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (USB 3.0 and Intel i7 for a faster workflow).

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Relax shoulders, don’t force them back, posture

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com talks about how you can have better posture by keeping your shoulders relaxed (don’t force them back, because that creates tension). Instead, focus on keeping your spine more straight and build/strengthen the muscles to better support your spine and trunk. :)

Hope this video is helpful!
Thanks for watching :)

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Filmed on a Google Nexus 5.

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The Mexican restaurant on Granville in Vancouver – authentic Mexican food in downtown

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com visits “The Mexican” restaurant on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver BC Canada.

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The Mexican, Antojitos y Cantina
1049 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L4
phone: (604) 569-0955

Amazing truly authentic traditional Mexican food. Restaurant is quite busy so I recommend going after 1:30pm to get a seat. Please visit their website themexican.ca for hours and menu.

Most of the other people dining at The Mexican were speaking Spanish. Prices are reasonable, the staff are friendly, and the food is delicious! This restaurant, along with Patron on Robson, were recommended to me by my friend Gabriela who is from Mexico, as one of her favorite restaurants in Vancouver that are a “must try” to taste very authentic Mexican food and dishes.

Thanks to my friend littlewolfbindery for coming to the restaurant with me! youtube.com/littlewolfbindery


Filmed on a Google Nexus 5 Android cell phone in 1080p.

The Mexican on Urbanspoon

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