Moment’s Notice (John Coltrane) played by Geoff Peters solo jazz piano

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com plays John Coltrane’s classic jazz standard, “Moment’s Notice” on his Yamaha P-35 digital piano.

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Band’s Web site:

Geoff Peters Trio – my Jazz piano trio from Vancouver, Canada:

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-dance/id359501126?i=359501404&uo=6

Bandcamp: gpeters.bandcamp.com/album/quiet-night



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Technical notes:

Recorded on a Yamaha P-35 Digital piano

My review of this piano:

Music performed through the internal speakers on P-35 piano, and room audio recorded using a Zoom H1.

Audio “mastered” in Audacity. Here’s my tutorial on how to master audio in audacity:

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– Geoff

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Best Poached Egg in Microwave recipe – cooking with Geoffmobile

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com shows his recipe for the perfect microwaved poached egg. Yum! :)

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How to make poached eggs in the microwave – This is a quick easy way to enjoy a poached egg without all the fuss. Look out for the “explosion” at around 2:59 in the video :)

Do NOT place any metal objects inside the microwave. This will destroy your microwave and can cause a fire.


You will need:
– a microwave oven
– a raw egg (preferably free range or free run, organic if you want)
– 4 or 5 tablespoons of cold water
– salt and pepper
– a paper towel
– a microwave-safe ceramic drinking mug
– a knife with a sharp point
– a large spoon
– a serving bowl

Crack the raw egg into a microwave-safe ceramic mug. Use a knife (that has a sharp point) to gently pierce the top of egg yolk in two places. Add 4 or 5 tablespoons of cold water all around the egg. Place a paper towel on top of the mug. Microwave on full power for 50 seconds. If your microwave is stronger than average, try a shorter time first, and then add time if needed. When desired texture is reached, remove from microwave. Use a large spoon to remove the egg from the bowl, drain the water, and place egg in a serving dish or on top of toast. Enjoy!

May want to vary the cooking time depending on the strength of your microwave or the desired softness of the egg (microwave for a shorter time for a softer or more runny egg).

Please let me know how it worked for you. Feel free to send me your photos, let’s see what you made!!


Recipe inspired from the excellent book, “Microwave Gourmet” by Barbara Kafka (first published in 1987).


Tips on buying a microwave:

You don’t need an expensive microwave, they are all pretty much the same, some are just stronger than others. I’d say if you are on a budget, a $50 microwave will do just fine, you don’t need a $200 microwave to make eggs or reheat food.

Only use microwave-safe bowls and microwave-safe plates.

Technical notes:
Filmed using a Sony Cybershot RX100 Mk2 camera. Audio recorded using a Zoom H1. Video edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow). Audio edited using Audacity, W1 Limiter, SC4 compressor, High Pass Filter, and Equalizer.

Music notes:
The music in this video is by Vancouver electronic music band, Laundryman laundrymanmusic.com and is used with permission.

See you next time! :)

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Setting an alarm when it’s time to go to bed

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Rylee at Cooper’s Park and happy new year 2015

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Our dog at the park in the morning on January 1st 2015.

Coopers Park, Vancouver BC Canada

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Will Robots Replace Humans in the future, how will we define “work”? – geoffmobile podcast

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Will Robots Replace Humans in the future, how will we define “work”? – geoffmobile podcast

Today’s podcast topic is about automation and jobs in the new world of technology and the robot economy.

Geoffmobile Vancouver Podcast – January 10 2015

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**** Free MP3 Download of this podcast episode from here:

Music “Frog Hollow” by Laundryman, used with permission:

Transcript of the audio from this podcast:

The question is,

“Even if everyone worked hard and went to college, someone would still need to make our pizzas, stock our shelves, drive our cabs. Quit looking down on them and assuming they deserve to live in poverty.”

That is a quote from

and the annotation was, “Exactly!”

and it had 8 likes.

My friend AC said,

“Imagine how boring the world would be if EVERYONE became doctors, lawyer, engineers/architects, software developers, etc. Then how do we get to work without bus drivers? What if you want to buy something and no one’s opening any stores?”

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Alejandro said simply,



Dan replied,

“That is precisely what I was gonna say. Blue collar jobs increasingly get taken over by automation once it becomes affordable. Hell, there is even talk of hand bombers at my work being replaced by hand bombing and picking robots.”

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And Martin replied,

“Glad someone else mentioned automation. There are already self-driven cars, robotic chefs and more. I think it quickly becomes a question of ethics, rather than financial viability – what happens to all those taxi drivers who get replaced?”

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I replied myself and I said,

“I like the idea of a guaranteed minimum income for workers displaced by robots. We should redefine what work means.”

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Chris replied,

“Geoff is right. Everyone. Everyone gets replaced. I guarantee that there is nothing that cannot eventually be done by robots, including designing and building new robots. What happens when 10% of the population is employable? What about 5%? We should redefine what work means in such a way that it is not required to justify one’s existence.”


AC replied,

“Many of you are wrong. Robot chefs will NOT replace human chefs, and driverless cars will not displace drivers. Robots and humans can definitely work side-by-side but will NEVER replace humans completely.”

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he also continues,

“Also, please remember that 99% of inventions are just curiosities, only a few will become practical. Take flying cars, for example. The idea has been around since the 1920’s, glamorized in the 1950’s, and became possible to produce in the 1990’s, but we’ll never see flying cars because on a social level, it is not feasible and will never be. Look through old issues of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science from the 50’s and 60’s and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

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Chris replied back,

“I don’t see why they would never replace humans. We’ve replaced them completely in a number of tasks already, and continue to replace them in more and more jobs.”


That is the end of my facebook discussion. I thought it’s a very interesting topic about the quote,

“Even if everyone worked hard and went to college, someone would still need to make our pizzas, stock our shelves, drive our cabs. Quit looking down on them and assuming they deserve to live in poverty.”

The answer to that is that we’re going to have robots coming along that will do that work for us, and we may need to redefine what someone needs to do in their life to be a productive member of society.

Maybe working is no longer part of the requirement in the future for people to live a successful life.

I think one of the solutions to that is the “guaranteed income proposal”, which is being explored by many smart people around the world in leadership positions.

I definitely think that for guaranteed income, once everything becomes automated, people are still going to need to survive somehow, so maybe it’s better to let people live off the spoils of the robots they created.

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