Todo List Management with TaskUnifier – speech by Geoff Peters

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com shows a demo of a great todo list management software called Taskunifier.

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Taskunifier is available for free at: taskunifier.com

Also check out Toodledo at: toodledo.com

and DGT GTD Android todo list app:

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Speech summary:
parts of a to-do list management system
how can we become more productive? one of the keys to being productive is to have a clear picture of what tasks I need to work on and their priority,
as a knowledge worker, someone who works with ideas and information, I find a to-do list is essential to getting things done.
electronic to-do lists are much more efficient than paper based todo lists, and I have found that it greatly speeds up the process of getting organized.
in this talk today I am going to first explain why a to-do list is valuable, and then I am going to show a demonstration of an electronic to-do list system.
why is a to-do list system valuable?
1) helps get stuff off your mind
by writing tasks down it clears my mind and reduces my stress
2) helps you revise and edit what you are doing (planning)
by writing tasks down I clarify what the tasks actually are and can revise what I should do for each task.
3) helps you determine the next action (prioritization)
todo lists are great way to make sure that you are working on the most important task at the current moment.
process: (demonstration)
1. adding a new to-do list item (with note)
adding my task, adding a bunch of tasks
2. rescheduling a to-do list item
changing the date on a to-do list item, reorganizing the list
3. completing a task
checking it off.
so in summary, using a todo list helps clear your mind, reduce stress, and helps you revise your plan, and focus on the most important thing at any moment.
in my demonstration I have shown how to use Taskunifier to add a task, reschedule a task, and complete a task,
I hope you will become more productive by making use of an electronic to-do list. good luck!

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How to get to the point in public speaking – helpful tips for anyone giving a speech

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com talks about having a General Purpose and a Specific Purpose for your speech, and gives some examples.

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Based on Toastmasters Speechcraft Educational Speech Class #3 – “Get to the Point” – educational session on general and specific purposes in your speech.

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p.s. for more information about Toastmasters public speaking clubs, please check out my home club in Vancouver, Toastmasters Club 59 at tmclub59.com or find a club in your area at toastmasters.org


Filmed on a Google Nexus 5 using the lgcamera app and Apple Earpod microphone.


Detailed Review of Yamaha P-35 digital piano by geoffmobile Oct 16 2014

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com does a detailed review of the Yamaha P-35 digital piano, after a brief mention of his Pilates class. (The Yamaha P-35 review starts at 0:51 in this video.)

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Links mentioned:

Parisian Thoroughfare jazz piano performance on Yamaha P-35:

Voyage jazz piano performance on Yamaha P-35:

Summary of review:

I bought this digital piano, Yamaha P-35 (which as of October 2014 is currently on sale for $499.99 CAD at both Tom Lee Music and Long and Mcquade music in Vancouver) because I was looking for a full length, full size 88 (weighted) key portable keyboard that would be light enough to carry around town, but also have a realistic and warm piano tone that would be suitable for jazz piano trio performances.

In combination with the Roland KC-350 amp, this keyboard produces a beautiful acoustic-like “Grand Piano” tone that is very refined and dynamic. The keyboard also has built-in speakers which are great for home use.

The only drawback of this keyboard is that it only has 32-voice Polyphony, which may make it less suitable for classical music if you are playing Debussy or other music with a lot of sustain pedal. However for Chopin or Bach it works just great.

The highlight of this keyboard besides the portability and light weight (~25 pounds light), is definitely the realistic acoustic piano keyboard feel + hammer action.

It plays with a very realistic piano touch which is suitable (in my opinion) for students learning to play piano of all ages, as well as advanced players who need a convenient and affordable keyboard to practice on at home or on the road.

I highly recommend this instrument – it is very similar in tone and touch to my former 70-pound Yamaha P90 keyboard (which incidentally cost almost 3 times as much 10 years ago!), but the P-35 with the similar quality and playing feel is so much easier to carry around weighing only ~25 pounds.

The built-in metronome in the P-35 also works very well and is convenient to use once you read the manual.

I also like the Electric Piano 2 sound which is similar to a classic Rhodes keyboard, also useful for jazz. The vibes (vibraphone) is also a classic and useful sound which I can use for solos with my band.

Many thanks to Yamaha for making an affordable and awesome all around piano keyboard. Now there is no excuse for anyone not to learn to play the piano ;) For about one month’s rent you can own your very own piano keyboard that is worthy of spending hours of practice and enjoyment.

For a short jazz piano demo video I recorded with the P-35 please visit: geoffmobile.com/blog/yamaha-p-35-piano-demo-by-geoff-peters-yamaha-p-35b

Important note: You can even increase the dynamic range of this piano further by using the “Hard” touch setting which allows you to create much more dynamic loud sounds when hitting the keyboard with more force (such as in a real acoustic instrument). For greater dynamic range and expressiveness in this recording, the P-35 piano’s “Touch Sensitivity” feature should be set to C3 – “Touch Sensitivity Hard” – please see page 10 of the P-35 Owner’s Manual to change this setting. I find this setting allows me to express myself with the piano better, similar to my old Yamaha P90 Stage Piano that I used for many years.

Cheers, and hope you enjoy this amazing and beautiful instrument.

Yours in music,

p.s. When I do jazz piano trio gigs, I use the Yamaha P-35 in combination with my Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer to add additional variety in the solos and lead lines.


Joke of the day with a lady at the post office

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Joke submitted by Chris, thanks very much!

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Parisian Thoroughfare (Bud Powell) Geoff Peters solo jazz piano performance Yamaha P-35

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com plays his version of Bud Powell’s amazing song, Parisian Thoroughfare.

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*** For a Free MP3 download of this recording, please visit:

also, my jazz trio’s website is at gpeters.com if you would like to hear more. :)

Recorded on October 13th 2014 in Vancouver BC Canada.

Thanks for watching!

Technical notes:

Piano: Yamaha P-35 Digital Piano keyboard

Recorded into a Roland Octa-capture and Sonar X1 LE

Camera: Google Nexus 5

Video edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow)

Audio clips trimmed and MP3 download was created using Audacity.

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