Google Tasks Bookmarklet

The Google Tasks Bookmarklet is quick way to add a task into Google Tasks.

How to Install

To install the bookmarklet, just drag the link below into your bookmarks toolbar in your web browser. You can rename it to something else if you like.

Google Tasks Bookmarklet ← Drag this link into your bookmarks toolbar.

How to Use

Click the bookmarklet button in your bookmarks bar, from any page, to open a popup window where you can easily add a new task in Google Tasks. The URL of the web page you are viewing and the page's title will automatically be inserted into the notes field, as a easy reference back to the page that you'd like to remember.


This bookmarklet has been tested in the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (IE), and may work in other desktop web browsers as well.


The first time you click the bookmarklet, you may be prompted to allow this app to access your Google Task list and/or login. On subsequent times this information will not be required.

Source Code

The source code for the Google Tasks Bookmarklet is available on Github.

Other Bookmarklets

I created a similar Bookmarklet for Toodledo, which helped contribute to the official Toodledo Bookmarklet.

2 thoughts on “Google Tasks Bookmarklet

  1. David

    I was so excited to see this as cannot believe there is no google task webclipper!

    However I cannot get it to work; ends up in a persmissions loop as app is not trusted by google

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