Your Voice is an Instrument – Toastmasters Speech by Geoff Peters – Samsung Gear 360 in 4k

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Geoff from gives a Toastmasters Speech entitled, “Your Voice Is An Instrument”.

Filmed with Samsung Gear 360 camera in 4K resolution. I put the Gear 360 camera on tripod and recorded my speech at the club. Thanks for watching! Cheers, Geoff

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Technical notes:
This 4k resolution video was captured using Samsung Gear 360 camera and processed in Gear 360 ActionDirector without using the “Automatic Angle Compensation” setting enabled, which helps to stabilize and reduce shakiness in hand-held video, but is not necessary for tripod recordings.

Filmed with the Samsung Gear 360

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Speech Summary:

Your Voice is an Instrument

Who here has learned an instrument before?

Your speaking voice, and your singing voice is an instrument.
But it is such a precious instrument, because unlike a piano or saxophone where you can always buy a new instrument from a music store, you only have one voice that you can use, and that is your own voice. Maybe some day we will be able to have advanced medical technology that will allow us to purchase a new voice for ourselves, but in the mean-time we must make use of the voice we have, which is very unique and special.

Who are some singers that you adore? What gives a singer like Adele her fame and adoration is that no-one else in the world has her voice, and it cannot be replaced or duplicated. Famous singers even can take an insurance policy out for their voice because it is such an important part of their career.

I started learning singing 2 years ago, for a hobby, and I realized that your health is so important when you are singing. Getting a cold means that you can’t sing or if you sing when you have a sore throat you might damage your voice. When I get a cold that means I have to stop singing for a few days.

Singers like Adele have heavy touring schedule. Her whole career is based on her voice. The voice is a fragile instrument, and can be over-stressed. She even had to have vocal surgery and took a break from performing for a year because her voice was injured.

Your voice is part of your body, so training your voice is similar to training any other part of your body, including muscles when working out in the gym.
It takes a long time to build up endurance to be a performing singer, much like a professional athlete. And as many athletes know in pretty much every sport, it is a big challenge to keep one’s-self injury free.

Taking a break is important, rest is just as important as working out, similar to people who work out in a gym, you need to take a day or two of rest often to allow your muscles to regrow and build the strength.

Singing takes time. To learn an instrument, it takes many years. Learning the piano takes about 10 years, and singing is too. Regular practice is so important. I will show you one exercises, called the lip bubble exercise, and demonstrate it.

Breathing is so important
Singers typically breath with their stomach and keep the upper body and shoulders relaxed, stand up straight, put the shoulders back and down. “Hero posture” is different from Military Posture.

Must treat your voice with respect. Whether you are a speaker, a singer, or prefer to talk casually with friends, your voice is the most precious instrument and you should be proud of your unique ability to sound like you!

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