Should I share my ideas with others? – a vlog by

Don’t be afraid of telling others your ideas

All your ideas should be good ones.
You should make sure an idea is fully baked before telling it.
You don’t want to have people know you as a person who creates some ideas which are not useful.



Flow – Get the process for idea sharing and communication flowing

Feedback – Ask for others feedback on your ideas

Failure – Fail early and often. Great inventors had many ideas and failures

Openness – Be open about sharing your ideas

Tenacity – Be stubborn and follow your hunches. Don’t give up too early

Realizing – when it’s time to move on – also need to recognize when an idea isn’t working or when it’s time to let go

Quantity – Come up with lots of ideas

99 percent of success is built on failure.
— Charles F. Kettering
Inventor of Car motor starter (ignition). Freon for fridges.

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1 thought on “Should I share my ideas with others? – a vlog by

  1. Geoff Peters Post author

    AC Writes: I haven’t watched your video yet (I will later tonight) but I have to say right off the bat that I cannot fully agree with the first part. I used to have ideas all the time; in fact great ideas came to me every day, and not long ago (i.e. 6-10 years ago), I thought that by now, I would be making lots of money with at least one of my great ideas. I do not know if it’s because they have reached a certain age or what but unfortunately, my parents are always pessimistic about my ideas and so, I have learned to keep everything a secret at home; however, I do talk to people like you guys about my ideas, and get useful feedback, as well as a hint to whether or not my idea should be abandoned or modified. But that feeling of optimism sure feels good while it lasts; I do love that feeling that something good is going to happen just around the corner (of course, whether or not that something is actually going to happen is another matter) – that excitement of anticipation.

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