Shawarma – an original short film by Hon Leung, Geoff Peters, and Logan Rudrum

After Riley’s roommate Dwayne keeps eating Riley’s food, the two best buds find out if their friendship can survive a head thumping altercation. [COMEDY, 13 minutes]

Written and Directed by Hon Leung.
Camera / Lighting / Editing by Geoff Peters.

A Birds in the House and Crom Films Production

(c) 2012 Birds in the House Productions and Crom Films

STARRING (in order of appearance)
Miguel Gamez – Riley
Doug Toljanich – Dwayne
Nathan Williams – Foster
Tony Ho – Courier 1
Michael Homenchuk – Courier 2
Silbi Kim – Car Accident Lady
Jericho Leung – Biker
Laura Jean – Ashely

Geoff Peters – Camera, Editing, Lighting

Logan Rudrum – Assistant Director, Boom Operator

Maxime Cyr-Morton – Color Grading, Boom Operator

Ronan Quinlan – Assistant Director, Boom Operator

Tony Ho – Foley Artist

Leo Soriano – Driver

Song 2 & Antitoxin – performed by Laundryman
(Jason Knight drums, Geoff Peters synth)

Psychedelic Crater by Kevin Macleod

Victrola Daycare by Duckett
(Generation Gap mix)

Metal crash 2 light.wav by Halleck

Fist Punch 3.mp3 by CGEffex

Punch, slap, n’ kick.wav by CGEffex

good kick in the head sound.aif by mwl500

whip,slap,belt,punch.wav by scarbelly25

Body Hitting Mat.aif by MAJ061785


Donair Spot, Broadway and Willow
Vancouver BC Canada

Neil and Carol Peters

Bojan Bodruzic
Shirley Anne Claydon
Thomas Fillingham
Paul Jensen
Alec Richardson
Jonathan Tammuz

Shot on location in Vancouver BC Canada.

A Birds in the House and Crom Films Production
Copyright (c) 2012

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