Rich professor daughter joke – Geoff’s joke of the day

1 thought on “Rich professor daughter joke – Geoff’s joke of the day

  1. Geoff Peters Post author

    Woggyflush writes:
    …and then, there was this poor, exploited, hard working dock worker who only wished for his daughter a better life. And he said to her: “When you’re a grown-up, you must marry a millionaire. My child, promise me that!” – And then his daughter became a lesbian and married the professor’s daughter Emily Enaire at Disneyland, Tokio, and they lived happily ever after (and left the old dock worker confused).
    [there was a newspaper article yesterday about lesbian marriages in Disneyland Tokio]

    Geoff writes:
    haha lol this is brilliant!! thank you Woggyflush :)

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