Interview with an artist

Hello, do you have a question, or just a statement?

So tell me about your art. Why do you want to go to grad school.

Ah, I think I would like to develop my public practice understanding and coming from a theoretical basis I’ve been reading a lot of Jacques Rancière and thinking about the distribution of the sensible, in other words what is it that we can perceive in our world and what are the limits of that, and how can art expand the scope of our perception of reality, especially in a political sense. And so, an example of that in popular culture art is the Yes Men, in that they proclaim a reality that is within the scope of our perception and then when people realize it isn’t true the limitations of that scope become visible and therefore they can be surpassed… so that’s a good example of the methodology I am working within, which is trying to push what people will engage in a political sense.

Hmm, thank you. Very condensed in a small nutshell. Thank you, very much.

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